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Hello Beauties!

Today I want to share my current skin care routine. Since I’ve started blogging I’ve been wearing a lot of makeup. Wearing a lot of makeup could be very overwhelming to the skin. I have to be very careful because I have acne-prone, oily and sensitive skin.

My skin care routine changes overtime so I’m giving you guys my current routine! I have to change constantly until I find what works the best for me. Since I had a baby (7 months ago) my skin has definitely changed. Between nursing and the different hormonal changes my skin breaks out even more. This isn’t a tutorial because everyone has different needs for their skin, but this is just to show you how I control my breakouts and keep them at a bare minimum. I usually don’t break out. The only thing I’m really dealing with is the hyper pigmentation (dark spots). So here’s my skin care routine!

In the morning I always start by rinsing my face with cool water. Some may prefer hot water, but cool water feels very refreshing! I don’t do much to my face in the morning. After I rinse with cool water I take a cotton swab and hydrate my face with the Simple Micellar Cleansing Water. This stuff is amazing! It’s a very gentle facial cleanser. I love it the most because it contains no harsh chemicals, perfumes, or dyes. My skin feels so refreshed after I use it. After the micellar water I use the Clean & Clear Oil-Free Dual Action Moisturizer to moisturize my face. It’s lightweight and oil-free which is perfect for my skin. This simple morning routine preps my face for the day!

Now to my nightly routine! This is where I focus mostly on my skin. Taking makeup off doesn’t have to be stressful. I use two things to remove my makeup. Baby wipes (fragrance free) and coconut oil. Any type of oil will do! Take the oil and rub your entire face and neck with it. Wipe off by using the baby wipes! I am telling you this is probably the easiest way to remove your makeup! It’s even safe to use the baby wipes around your eyes because it doesn’t burn! I also use the Bolero facial wipes to remove my makeup. Once again these are great because they are not harsh to the skin! I can also use them around my eyes. They contain argan oil and shea butter and has no harsh chemicals in them! I have no idea why this brand is unpopular! When I google Bolero only one picture came up. I found them at my local Dollar Tree and fell in LOVE! Most eye makeup removers burn your eyes, even if they are for the eyes (which is insane). After I use the coconut oil I use my daily facial scrub which is the Yes to Grapefruit Correct & Repair Daily Facial Scrub. Love this stuff! I use this product along with my electronic scrub brush which came with my Proactiv set. I love this brush because it gets deep into your pores and removes dirt. If you don’t own the Proactiv brush then I would recommend the Clarisonic Mia 1 Facial Sonic Cleansing System. I use an eye cream to hydrate my under eye. My recommendation is the Advanced Night Repair Eye’ Synchronized Recovery Complex II. It leaves the under eye with the most cooling/refreshing feeling ever!

Weekends is my time for pampering and going the extra mile for myself! I use a facial mask once a week. This particular mask can be worn while you’re sleeping! This is the Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Sleeping Mask Honeydew & Chamomile. This mask DEEPLY hydrates your skin overnight! I know many of you are wondering what mess you’ll have on your pillow. No mess! No dirty/messy pillow. It dries into your skin like a cream and all you have to do is rinse it off in the morning. One final component to my skin care routine is water water water! Water is essential to having healthy and vibrant skin! Also adding a daily workout to your routine will have you feeling wonderful inside and out!

Let me know your skin care routine! Do you have normal-to-dry, combination or oily skin? Any hyper pigmentation? Rosacea? Leave your comments in the comment section!



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